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The Iris Gardens
of Bernard Chandler & Janet Downey

It must have been serendipity to discover Jan and Bernie's wonderful iris gardens at the height of the main iris blossom season. It was a feast for the eyes, and a powerful denial that perennial plants provide muted colouring for your garden. The variety of colour and pattern overwhelms a visitors to their gardens.

When we discovered it, Just Perennials was a small family enterprise. The irises they had were are often planted with other perennials in mixed beds, which were dotted about an old farmstead. You could explore beds of hosta and other shade loving perennials hidden in leafy treed areas, or the family's own gardens, or the beds of iris brilliant in the full sun amongst the rustic charm of greyed farm buildings, sheds and pump houses.

The business has recently closed, but we loved the visual experience so much, we decided to archive this section with a big thank you to Bernie and Jan for their friendship and great hospitality - and the best of luck in their new endeavaours.

So take an internet tour of Jan and Bernie's iris gardens! Click on the thumbnails for a larger view, or start with the first and take the tour!

Wide 01 Wide 02 Wide 03
Wide 04 Wide 05.
Iris Beds Iris Beds Iris Beds
Close-up Close-up Close-up

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