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A Tour of 15 Ottawa Gardens
Each photo opens a separate garden tour

Bowers GardenSights
Durand Garden
Henrie's Garden. Knowles Garden
Pasieka GardenOdyssey Theatre 1999 Garden Tour The Paterson Garden I
Paterson Garden II Patry Garden
Reynolds Garden. Ramsey Hosking Garden
Spragge GardenJuly 25, 1999Annie's Garden
Whitehead GardenRutherford Mainprize GardenZoubek Garden

Sights Unseen is an annual fundraising event by the supporters of Odyssey Theatre, an Ottawa-based outdoor theatre company. It features Comedia del arte, comic theatre with masks, appealing to adults and children alike.

This year's Gardens were chosen by the members of the Board of Trustees. Northern Pond was pleased to be one of the 15 Gardens on the Tour!

Credits - Odyssey 1999 Poster Art: Photo: John Forester; Mask: Karen Rodd; Actor: Paul Griffin. The image is copyrighted by Odyssey Theatre Co.. Garden Photos: Northern Pond. Text: Produced by Odyssey Theatre, based on submissions by the individual gardeners.

Tour Hyperlinks
The Bowers Garden The Durand Garden Henrie's Garden
The Knowles Garden The Pasieka Garden The Paterson Twins Garden I
The Paterson Twins Garden IIThe Patry Garden The Reynolds Garden
The Ramsey
Hosking Garden
The Spragge Garden Annie's Garden
The Whitehead GardenThe Rutherford Mainprize GardenThe Zoubek Garden

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